The Weather Outside Is Frightful for Those of Us Living With COPD

It’s late November, and we have been fortunate for the late fall weather. It hasn’t been so bad.

We had one day with a bit of snow and only a few days here in there that were in the 30s, but overall, not bad.

My breath is taken away by the cold

December is usually the month that I stop going out unless we have a decent day. The cold air takes my breath away and makes things 10x harder to do anything, especially lugging my oxygen around.

It's a feeling I'm sure a lot of you share. I know I’m not alone here. The thought of going out to start my van, coming back in, getting everything ready I need, and then getting out.

It’s just too hard by myself. Maybe it would help if I could put my van in the garage or even had an automatic start, but then there is still the walk into the store, office, etc. It’s just too darn hard on my lungs.

So, what will I do to combat the weather blues? I’m starting to get stronger daily from this bought with Covid. Every day is a little better, but I am nowhere near where I was pre-Covid.

How pulmonary rehab can help

I think my next step is to start online pulmonary rehab again. I have shared many times in articles about the 42-day boot camp from The Pulmonary Wellness Foundation.

Whenever I fall behind because of an exacerbation, I return to that online rehab. It is always there when I need it. 42 days will get me almost halfway into January, and then not too long until Spring.

Ah, Spring! I think that is my favorite season. Everything is new again, and the air is soothing and clean. It makes my heart happy.

Using time inside to catch up

I’m going to catch up on so many things I have wanted to do this summer that I never did. I Declutter, purge and organize many things on my list. This should keep me busy all winter.

I have so many things that I have collected over the years that we don’t use anymore and don’t have room for. I also plan to catch up with many of my family and friends who were busy over the summer with family, sporting events, vacations, etc.

Zoom is an excellent place to do that, and they will have more time on their hands this time of year.

The best thing I am looking forward to this winter is our annual trip. We leave for the Tampa area in less than a month.

Looking forward to time away

As you may remember from my previous articles, this is what my husband and I scrimp and save for all year. We have a townhome rented for ten days in January but have no other plans besides that.

We are just going to take off and see what happens. The townhome looks like a great area, and they have two pools, a private beach, a fitness center, a fishing pier, water sports, and two on-site restaurants. It also has two decks off the house to enjoy the scenery of dolphins, manatees, and more.

I can’t wait!!

So, with all of that frightful weather, I will have plenty to keep me busy inside here in Illinois but outside when I get to Florida.

Share with us below how the cold winters affect you, and what will you all be doing this winter to keep you busy?

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