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The Weather Is a-Changing

Change is hard for me. Any change is a challenge when you have a debilitating disease. Right now, the season is changing. The air is starting to chill in the mornings and the evenings. It is a sign that fall is on its way. The thought of a new weather forecast makes me feel a little anxious.

I loved the season

Before COPD, fall was always my favorite season. Since being diagnosed with this disease, I have started to feel apprehensive about changes in the weather. It is going to get colder with time. Dew will be in the air and frost will be on the ground. The precipitation makes the air feel heavy to breathe. The new season is going to require some adaptations.

Routines will have to be altered

Fall means that my exercise routine will need to change.  I find it harder to walk my long trails when the air seems heavier. So the long walks I get to take in the summer will be shorter. I will have to do more indoor exercises and ride my stationary bike to make up for the shorter walks. Keeping up my exercise is important to me. It's something I do to stay as healthy as possible.

New ways to dress for the season

With the lower temperature, the wardrobe will have to change as well. The boots and overcoats will come out and replace shorts and walking shoes. This year, I may try mixing things up a bit. Maybe I will practice more of the layering techniques I've seen others use. That could be a fun way to celebrate the cooler weather. A new look is always exciting.

Don't worry, be happy

There is nothing I can do to stop the ever-changing seasons. Whether I like it or not, fall is in the air. It is going to happen. So, I have decided to make the most of it. For me, it will probably be best if I try to anticipate the adaptions that have to be made and not fear them. I will just dig down deep and find my happy place. It is always about how we look at things. It's about our perception.

More fun than I thought

I believe that a good attitude will alleviate a lot of my anxiety. So I will look for the beauty of the colors this season brings. I will enjoy having the windows open. Polish my cute boots, put away the summer-only clothes, and pull the stationary bike out of storage. This may be more fun than I thought. Maybe change isn't so scary after all.

How do you deal with the changing seasons? Do you enjoy it when the weather gets colder? Share more with us in the comments below!

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