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symptoms worse with certain steroid in halers

i have had an allergic reaction to the steroid inhalers prescribed for me by my doctor. i have stopped taking them to let the allergy dampen down with antihistamines as adviced by nurse before trying a new in haler with a different steroid combination. however i feel so much better without the steroid that im afraid to try the new one and i have become very sensitive to the sun which i never have before and the bruising on my forearms was horrendous.

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    Wow, that does not sound like any kind of fun at all. I have never heard of sensitivity to the sun as a result of an allergic reaction. I would think your doctor could prescribe something else to control inflammation that does not contain a steroid. I would be apprehensive to use any type of steroid inhaler also if I were you. I have been using Symbicort for about 7 months without issue. I would also think there would be an allergy test you could be given to figure out what you can tolerate and what you can't. I am not a big fan of the "try this, try that" way of trying to find a solution. It just seems to me that there has to be better ways of determining what you can take and what you cannot. Hope you get it all worked out. I am interested to hear what solution actually works for you. Hang in there.

    1. Hi Dminor9, again, and thanks for joining in the conversation here. We appreciate you lending your own support and encouragement here with the community generally and specifically.
      We also appreciate you sharing your own personal experience managing this condition and using inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) with all of us.
      If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.
      You are always welcome here!
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. et al - Interesting! I am allergic to antihistamines! Dangit! They will kill me. I am also allergic to Big Pharma's ridiculous price hikes. So, when the price of my Symbicort went from $35 to $510 in one month last year, I called the Doctor. She hooked me up. I now get my Budesonide in ampules to use with my Ipratropium Albuterol, from my oxygen supplier, and it is all covered under Part A! So it's free! I like that price much better! By the way, my dry mouth and hoarse voice is caused by the 24/7 oxygen at 3.5lpm, not the drugs. However, my easy bruising is caused by the Prednisone. But I was on a high dose. I am on only 5mg per day now and the bruising is going away, slowly. Crazy. For a while there I looked like I'd been in a gang fight. When I collapsed and spent time in the hospital in August, I was on 200mg of Prednisone a day!!! After I came home I gradually tapered off and now am down to just 5mg. But I had Pneumonia almost continuously for over half the year. Had to take PT again to get back off the walker. I think we all have different reactions to these meds, and it takes time and variation to find the right setup. Luckily, I still have my coffee, which is very soothing right now! Now if I could just catch up with all this housework!

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