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Hi I'm realy struggling to deal with this copd , I was fit and health a year ago , now I'm tired breathless and don't sleep to good it all come to a head on Friday night I decided to get a realy good night sleep so I took 4 sleeping tablets , well that went so wrong , I ended up in hospital sat morning , today I'm going to try and see my doc ,

  1. - First, any kind of drug for sleeping is totally contraindicated for COPD and is a big NO-NO for us. Literally all of them depress lung function. You must NOT go there! I guess you just learned that the hard way! Get your doctor to arrange for you a sleep study, with a Respiratory Therapist. I did, as my sleeping has gone from bad to way worse over time. Turns out I have excess C02 retention in my lungs, which prevents me from getting enough 02 while sleeping. No wonder I wake up! Now I have and am learning how to use my new NIV machine (Non-Invasive Ventilator), which pulls the C02 out and lets the 02 in. It's a learning process but is a big improvement.

    1. Hi Alan, and thanks for posting your recent medical history here. I see my colleagues, and , have already lent their support. I will do the same and wish you 'good luck!' as you go to see the doctor today.
      Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. , that must have been a scary experience! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well lately. Like Janet said, I'm glad you have a doctor appointment so that they can hopefully offer you some treatments or advice to help you feeling a bit better. Please let us know how the doctor goes! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

        1. Thank you Alan!
          Janet (site moderator/

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