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I am posting this thread in relation to someone I know who ahs COPD.

They has had it about 5 years maybe 6 and will be 79 soon. The person ignores the condition alot so we don't know what stage they are up to but after observation, I would say they are stage 3.

The person is not very tall, (a woman) and she has lost weight, she's quite thin, she's had most of the symptoms, swelled ankles, ache muscles, when she coughs you can hear the mucus and she gets out of breath when walking and when she talks alot. You can notice this more when she's not stable or sat down.

Sometimes you would'nt even know she had the condition though, when shes sat down she talks mostly fine or round the house, and can still walk to the bus station which is not to far. She is bad in the mornings, always sounds like she has a cold, very bunged up.

However, she still smokes, maybe 15 or more a day, roll ups and general cigerettes, she doesn't eat hardly any nutritional food, microwave pasties and drinks nothing but cups of tea, no fresh water. She doesn't exercise much at all, basically doing all the wrong things.

However despite her obvious conditions and she must be severe now in diagnosis, she has never been admitted to hospital for flare ups, or heart attack or stroke, or blood clot. I am not sure she has been offered oxygen but most likely she would refuse if she did. She has got inhalers but I have never seen use one.

Just wondering what her prognosis would be? seems like even though she is doing everything wrong, she is able to still go on and on so why would I need to give her any advice or stop smoking etc.
Or does one not have many series symptoms before the end.....

Thank you

  1. Hi again, paulvitti, and thanks for your reply and explanation. It sounds like your friend doesn't really want to talk about this much. Is there any possibility that she would permit her physician to provide you with some information about her condition and treatment? Are you able to go to the doctor appointments with her?

    You may be aware that COPD affects everyone differently. As well, treatment and life expectancy can vary considerably from patient to patient.

    I understand your frustration at not being able to find out any more details (from her) and, if she is not amenable to you being made aware of anything else, I see that you find yourself in a difficult and challenging situation.

    From my perspective, you may be able to 'know more' by reading up on the disease. The more you know, the more you will be more cognizant of how your friend's condition appears to you.

    If there is anything we can assist you with, in terms of reading material on COPD, we have a wealth of published articles right here on COPD. net, which focus on every aspect of the disease.

    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hello,

      She is under a doctor but she wouldn't be able to tell me anything about an assessment and she wont go to anything extra. She basically ignores it really.

      Well could anyone tell me if she sounds bad or potentially very bad.....

      Or can anyone say when the end comes, are there usually signs or does it just happen all of a sudden.

      1. Hi paulvitti, and thanks so much for your candor in sharing the present circumstances of your acquaintance, a 79-year old female, who you believe has COPD.

        You may be aware we cannot provide medical advice, diagnostics, or prognosis projections over the internet (for your own safety). However, your concern for your friend is both touching and heartwarming - it is certainly deserving of a reply.

        Your friend, (and you, as a concerned friend), would certainly benefit from the assessment and recommendations of a physician. Does she have a doctor, and/or is she under the care of a doctor? What do you think?

        Leon (site moderator

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