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Nutrition and Health...and COPD

This month, is focusing on nutrition and health and how it impacts dealing with the condition! Discuss how food and health work together (or don't!) in managing your COPD here.

  1. The Paleo Diet has worked well for me prior to COPD and now. Weight is controlled. Started at 231# and now at 175# and holding. I eat lots too. My Type II diabetes is below 5.9 with no meds. Arthritis aches are minimal too.

    1. MSargent914, that's great news, with the drop in your glucose readings and your health. I know we are trying to eat healthier and always look forward to reading about how others are doing as well. Thank you for sharing!
      Janet (site moderator)

      1. We hear you, MSargent914 and appreciate you sharing our site with others.
        Hang in there - we're always here when you need us.
        Leon (site moderator)

        1. It's our pleasure MSargetn914. You're a good and shining example of just how effective taking control of one's diet can be for COPD. I'm sure others will read your story and be inspired to see what it can do for them. Keep up the good work! Warm regards,
          Leon (site moderator)

          1. Again, thank you Leon. I have sent your site to others in hopes they can learn from your site and join in on forums as I have. I have found your site very informative and helpful. COPD is not fun to live with and there is a lot to learn from others as doctors at the VA don't seem to really care.

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