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Hi to all There is so much to read here but very well informed info I have had COPD for 3 years now and am 67 yrs old I wonder if anyone here does the breathing exercises ... breath in hold then purse lips and exhale slowly If so does it help?

  1. Thank you all for the welcome and replies I do the breathing exercises whenever I remember I have a 02 monitor and it seems to help with my 02 I hope to learn more as I read through the posted posts

    1. Hi again, Charlene, and thanks for acknowledging our replies to you. There is a wealth of information here in our online community - touching on virtually every topic that concerns COPD. Take your time, look around and, if there is anything we can assist you with, please feel free to ask me or any other moderator / team member,
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi Charlene! I do pursed lip breathing all day, particularly when I get short of breath. It really helps to practice it and keep my exhales as long as possible. It allows the airways to be open longer and remove the carbon dioxide out and oxygen in. Practice it throughout your day. Good luck!

    Carol (moderator)

    1. Hi Charlene, and welcome!! I see my colleague, John, has already replied to your post. I do hope you have an opportunity to look over the article for which he provided a link.
      I also thought you might want to review this material, too: This article focuses exclusively on pursed-lip breathing, which you mentioned in your comment, is helpful for you to use.
      Please know you are always welcome here in our online community.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. Hi. Newbie. Very happy to have you as a member of our growing community. I do hope that members chime in with their own personal eperience regarding your question. I do know that there are many members of our community -- and many people living with COPD, who benefit from breathing exercises ( It is actually something I teach to my COPD patients where I work. John. community moderator

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