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Medicare Shared Savings Program - ACO,LCC

I found out my doctors are now part of an ACO group, and my PCP will have the final say in my medical treatment. My Pulmonologist will give some input, but Medicare has to start saving money, and getting the best bang for their buck! I complained that the three inhalers he's prescribed can come to $1,500.00 per month out-of-pocket during the Medicare donut hole. He advised I speak to my pharmacist to have them recommend cheaper medications that might have the same results as the expensive ones. If the pharmacist makes a suggestion I call his nurse. She then calls in those prescriptions to the pharmacy. As the costs for inhalers continues to rise because of new combinations coming out, I'm told the only relief I can get is to try some old formula. Before this my doctor was very willing to prescribe one of the newer medications. With a couple other health conditions, I image there may be more rationing just because statistically it might make me less a candidate for recovery from that procedure. Again, they get cash for saving money, and even fines if they don't.

This was tucked into the Affordable Care Act which contained a key delivery system reform to encourage accountable care. How this will change care for cancer patients, who rely on new types of radiation, and pharmaceutical care, is probably rationing. I can see the reason, but I thought they were going to leave Medicare alone. We've had seven people shot during the marches here last night. Many are coming from out-of-state. Why make Medicare recipients take the cuts?

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