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I was diagnosed with COPD and my Dr did not even tell me what it is, how bad is it, nothing. I was prescribed an inhaler. Some one pls tell me what this is.

What is COPD and what does it do to my body? Can it get worse? Will I die from this?

  1. Hi , and welcome! I see you are a new member here, having joined today just a few hours ago. We are glad to see you already engaging with the community through this, your first post.
    I am so sorry to hear the doctor who provided you with a COPD diagnosis did not provide you with any more of an explanation. In some regards, that is unconscionable! Would you consider seeking out a more compassionate and capable physician? That might be worth looking into for yourself.
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), is an insidious, progressive lung disease that affects everyone differently. Although there is no cure, the disease can be treated so that its progress can be slowed down. This is a basic explanation. To know more about your own specific level of disease, it will be most prudent for you to collaborate with a physician specialist who you can rely on.
    What do you think?
    Should you want to know more from our community, we will be happy to assist you.
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Will I die from COPD? Will this be the diagnosis of my death? I am scared. I am a 64yr old woman. I use an inhaler twice a day. Will that help slow it down? How long will I live ? Is this a death sentence? My inhaler is called Wixela.

      1. you have my sincerest compassion. I just quit smoking 3 days ago. It's an hour by hour thing. I do use medical marijuana.
        I was just diagnosed about 7 months ago I do not know what stage I'm in.
        What do you do with your time? I have lots of time because I am disabled as well.

      2. I don't do a lot because I'm disabled to

    2. I agree that perhaps I might need a new Dr but not until I confront her about not being transparent with me. I don't know my level of disease so that is very scary. I have to have knee replacement surgery in July and I want to get this sorted when I see her for my pre-op visit next month. But is this disease a death sentence? Will this be my cause of death when I die or can I live a long life? I look forward to your reply.
      Anxious in Chicago

      1. , Everyone here has given you such great advice, but something else popped into my brain fogged mind😜 Make sure you tell your surgeon & most importantly, your anesthesiologist about you possibly having COPD!! Have you had any pulmony tests done? Is this doctor going to refer you to a Pulmonologist?? I ask these questions because Cardiologists are great for your heart, but the Pulmonologist will run all the tests needed to make a proper diagnosis.
        As I mentioned in another post, I'm currently 62 & this year makes 20 years since diagnosis. I'm sending you soft & gentle hugs🤗🙌

      2. Hi Jennette
        Thankyou for the hugs, God knows I need them. And hello everyone, I was hiding out but I'm back! I've just been quiet for a while, I needed to wrap my head around this whole diagnosis. I'm still slightly reeling both mentally and physically. Mentally I feel like a bomb went off in my head, can't think straight cause I'm always thinking about it, it just pops in my brain.
        I used to be much more active and now I am stagnant. Im mad at myself for not getting more involved in the health of my body. I don't know why I can't get the motivation I need, I feel stuck. I know I have to get moving. Any suggestions?
        My husband works long hours four days a week. I don't drive. I'm stuck.
        I'm having a knee replacement surgery on July 6th. Do I need to tell the anesthesiologist about my condition?
        I am so thankful that I found you all.

    3. I have had copd for over 5years my doctor told me immediately stage2. I have progress to stage3 it happened just this year

      1. no new meds have to have a new lung scan my Dr is setting it up just made me kinda shaken up trying to deal with it

      2. Hi again, CM518453 - I hear you! It is understandable to be somewhat anxious as you navigate your way towards managing this disease more thoroughly. Naturally, if there is anything we can assist you with, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.You are always welcome here!
        Please keep us posted (as you see fit), with the upcoming diagnostic lung scan study.
        Warm regards,
        Leon (site moderator

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