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I'm going to lungs Dr the 28 to find out more but I have a hard time talking I feel like I can't get enough air to talk so I'm quite then everyone thinks I'm mad. Dose any one else have this problem?

  1. Yes...and i am so tired of the word is my past week...Last sat. 14th ..i just cannot take it no more ..gasping..ok my first exacerbation ? so scared.''Notice fear'' goes with depression.
    Call 911 at 12 am ..lets go. ALL I HEAR is i think you have high anxiety. omg..please. My hemog is 5 so 2 blood transfusion, i do have pneumonia small in right lung and praise the Lord NO covid . but ..this is the 6th round of pneumonia. I loss taste, smell and headaches are so bad. All this ..''neg test'' and personally, you get pneumonia, you get a taste of covid...and it lives and reals havoc on body. I am sore, I hurt. My leg goes out. My eyes itch. You have to admit folks are little beside themselves with this quarantine stuff...and they got me on meds ...js

    Bipolar since 82 and no one is listening. I eat the meds, you think it is a reaction? all these questions..No i do not write well so ..js ...anyway. PLEASE I am a recluse, i panic. I cant even get to the store for the breathing issue and have COPD
    If you think it is '''high anxiety'' give me my Xanax back.''
    so she did .
    05 3 to 4 times a day..
    . But explain this to the medicine man''' Doctor .please
    this is a controlled substance.. They think i am selling my life line on street?
    On my way to Oregon to get schrooms and smoke a joint.? controlled subst....oh my god come on.
    Suicide rate in Ohio is up 45 percent ..Who is to blame if they were crying for their meds. but were '''not allowed to have because ''
    ''its a controlled ;( ;(
    ...what a screwed up country we live in
    and if you are depressed, anxiety which ...YOU think?? If you cannot breath, feel like your dying, in your own head WAY too long...PLEASE see ...someone .Not recommending mental health no more. .I am afraid they are scared we may become ''Mentally healthy'' and all the talking'' they seem to need to do is about their pay grade and personally ...48 shrinks, 38 counselors and over 27 med later since 83 yeah...i am little disappointed all this time you had to know i was little depressed, anxiety and ?? else. Please do not tell no one ''' i know how you feel..No...You do not . great help what is really going on ??

    1. You’re not alone, many of us are dealing with that same cycle. You expressed your experiences well, it’s very hard to put into words. I often wish the doctors could feel my symptoms for 10 minutes or so. Best wishes to you friend!

    2. Get well soon to you.

  2. Kathleen,

    Yes we run out of air before we can finish our sentence if it’s a longer sentence. When talking we have to remember to breathe as needed before and during our conversation. Deep breathing exercise I may help. Also before talking take a deep breathe first before talking. I try to, but sometimes I catch my voice barely able to finish the last few words.

    1. True on RUNNING out of AIR

    2. Hi again, HITE1955 - nice to see you posting here. We've had many conversations here in the past and it's always good to have our community members (like you), continue with their participation. For ease of reference, here is a link to some of our past conversations:

      This "running out of air" can certainly be an apt way to describe the feeling some members have with COPD.

      We appreciate your input, HITE1955.

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. I have this problem alot too. I just feel like I am running out of breath will I speak. I kind of gasp for air, finally I just quit talking.

    1. The problem as I interpret it, you have too much air in your lungs. Try controlled breathing three or four times a day. Pursed lips, to clear the CO2 out of your lungs.
      Also work on some upper body exercises to let your other muscles do some of the work.
      Being calm helps. Don't breathe so hard and take the pursed lip process seriously. It will help you relax.
      I recommend a pulmonary rehab program.

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