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I have 6 grandchildren- ages 8 thru 1 years old and I love them very much. When they are all over and the chaos starts I get anxious and crabby which I do not like. Anyone else have similar experiences?

  1. hello. Your grands are all in the fun and busy ages and stages.
    Sadly my grands are all at a distance, the younger ones especially, so I only see them once a year if that. The others are older, they get chaotic too! lol I have a total of 18.
    After so much time, I can feel worn out and probably some grouchiness. I remind myself that I don't get to see them very often and that reminds me that I need to keep the peace within me and then throughout the child chaos. That helps.
    You could limit your time and have someone else present, so that you can step out of the room and take a break. Make an iced tea or other and relax a bit. That will hopefully let you revitalize. Hopefully too, they will have relaxed as well. 😉 Or not.
    ~Janet (site moderator)

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