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Fatigue and Cramp

I am in the U.K. and I have COPD....Emphysema. Does everyone get so tired that it is not manageable. ??? I cannot sleep a full night caused sometimes for no reason and sometimes as a result of coughing which wakes me if I’ve managed to go to sleep. I quite often have a nap in the afternoon because if I get overtired I can’t Get to sleep when I go to bed. People say don’t have a nap...that’s what is causing the lack of sleep at night but it doesn’t work like that. It’s the getting overtired.
My other grumble is about cramp in various parts of my body and horrific muscle spasms around my ribs. Sometimes this is caused by simply turning quickly or stretching too much and the cramps just strike from nowhere and particularly in bed so that I have to jump out and walk if they’re in my legs or feet until it eases. My hands cramp as well and sometimes I can’t even hold a knife and fork to eat my meal.
Am I on my own in this. ?? My COPD Clinic in my Hospital don’t seem to have heard of this so I sometimes feel I am going mad and it’s just me. !!!
Oh I could go on about so many things but it is so awful. !!!!!

  1. Hi Victorino545 and thanks for your post. As Allyson has mentioned, there are some pertinent references (above) regarding both fatigue and cramps. I do hope they provide you with a bit more insight for your concerns. If there is anything more we can assist you with, please be sure to let me or any other moderator/team member know. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

    1. You are not alone. I have a hard time sleeping. Waking up at all odd hours & not going back sleep. Then I get tired daytime to and have take nap. Don’t lay down for more half hour. It is like a vicious circle. I am glad you shared about your cramps. Ihave been complains and asking anyone if they get these. Sometimes my hand cramps so bad I can’t eat with right hand and have try use left. Feet cramp and even get it in side if I laugh to much. I have tried magnesium. All blood work including potassium is ok, so thinking it must be medication related.

      1. Victorino545, welcome and thank you for sharing in the conversation. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from hand and foot cramps. Trying to eat with your non-dominant hand must be a challenge! Leon shared a couple of good articles about fatigue and rib cramping above with Dotty - I think you would find them beneficial as well (if you haven't read them already!) I hope, in conversations with your doctors, you are able to find some answers for the cramping and fatigue you are experiencing. We are glad to have you here! Stop by anytime to offer or receive support!

        Allyson (site moderator)

    2. Hi Dotty and welcome. You are definitely NOT alone as many in our online community have expressed similar sentiments regarding fatigue and cramping.

      In view of your expressed concerns regarding being tired with COPD, I thought you would find it most interesting to look over this article on that very subject: It provides quite a bit of insight for just what you are speaking about.

      As well, many of our community members have discussed the issue of rib cramping and how they are affected by these cramps. I'm hopeful you will find what they have to say both interesting and helpful, too:

      Please know that you are always welcome here. We will look forward to your continued participation.
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator)

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