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Family Gatherings with Unvaccinated Relatives

Hello everyone! I feel a little silly asking this question but I just wanted or opinions. I have missed family gatherings for almost 2 years now. My pulmonologist told me if I did get Covid I had a great chance of dying. I have tried to be very careful through this entire time.
I was, once again, invited to a family Christmas dinner. I recently found out many of my cousins, adults and teenagers, have not been vaccinated at all.
I am leaning, again, to politely decline. THOUGHTS? Thank you!

  1. Interesting problem, but I don't have it. There is no one left in my family that has not yet had it, and they have also all had their shots, as have I. But as a double protection, none of them showed up to visit me this year anyway. So I'm safe.

    1. Hi ! I ponder I have this myself. Every time I tell myself to get over it and enjoy time with family it seems numbers start to go up again and I change my mind. I still haven't decided if I will go to the family gathering but I will be going to see my grandkids, with a mask on to bring them their gifts and open them. I don't plan on staying long but plan on being as safe as I can. With that being said, I feel this has to be your decision and yours alone. I'd say if you are a praying person to pray on it, if not follow your gut feeling. I wish I could be if more help. Merry Christmas! Best, Jackie (Moderator) 🎄

      1. thank you Jackie! I did pretty much the same thing!!

      2. I hope you had a great Christmas! Thanks for sharing, Jackie (Modrator)

    2. Hi dittohio, and thanks for your post. I hear you! This has been a challenging time for many of us with families, holidays to celebrate, and gatherings we'd like to attend. It can be heartbreaking (and lonely), to spend holidays alone when we realize the ones we love are getting together, just as we all used to.
      Of course, you have to make the decision for yourself and, for what is best for your own health. Sadly, many of us are now in the category where we do have to take precautions (for our own well being), and this can be difficult to accept and adjust to.
      In my own family, we are facing similar choices (as the one(s) you are facing. It pulls at the heart strings!!
      Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you. Keep in mind, you are not alone - so many of us are in this together!!
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. thank you Leon!!

      2. It's my pleasure, dittohio - how did everything work out for you?

        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

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