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The Three Part Breath Exercise

The three part breath exercise helps build spinal strength, core strength, and helps expand the diaphram. Learn an easy technique that helps you to push stale air out of your lungs. Start off in a relaxing seat and a soft belly.

Inhale, filling up your back lungs, allow your back ribs to expand.

Pull shoulders back and down.

Exhale, lifting up with the top of your head and allow your back ribs to contract.

By adding the three part breath to pursed mouth breathing, you can gain a lot of strength and increased air flow. This may take some practice. You will get better every time you work on it. Be patient with yourself while learning a new way of doing the three part breath exercise.

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  • Karen Hoyt author
    10 months ago

    Good morning Will! It’s easy to see why you’re having success. You’re consistent on doing it every single day. Determination really pays off in the long run.
    It sound like you’re developing a habit. Once your brain becomes wired to do the breath automatically, the mental stress will decrease and you’ll be all chill.
    I’m glad we connected on here.
    Smiling big and thankful for your comments,
    xo Karen

  • WillDoe
    10 months ago

    Hi Karen Hoyt!
    I’m into my fourth day of breathing ala your video. I’m still having very good results!
    It has been in the high 20s low 30s in the morning here. Rough. I’ve been stuck in my apartment for weeks to avoid the cold of the hallways.
    I have been going through four to six bouts of gasping a day, your technique is helping me get back to my routine more quickly!
    Thanks again for the posting, it’s helping!


  • Karen Hoyt author
    11 months ago

    Hi Will,

    You are so welcome and thanks for the feedback. You’re awesome! First of all for working with your doctor, but also for trying the exercises with me.
    Let me know if there is anything else I can support you with. I’d LOVE to hear about your progress.

    xo Karen

  • WillDoe
    11 months ago

    Hi Karen!
    Good post!
    My pulmonologist just explained that I need to get all the air out of my lungs in order to make room for new, oxygen rich air.
    Your video has simplified the process for me!


  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    11 months ago

    Hi Will and thanks for your post in response to Karen’s article. I’m sure she will be gratified to read what you had to say.
    Leon (site moderator)

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