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Easy Tai Chi With COPD

Many tai chi classes seem complex and involve a lot of fancy moves. This easy tai chi with COPD class includes simple postures that are easy to do. Follow along as we go through the beginning stretch sequence.

Warm up

Start by warming up your muscles. It increases blood flow and lets your body know that something fun is coming. Aligning your spinal position requires strong abdominal muscles. That leads to a better ability to use diaphragm breathing. The movements are combined from ancient forms of medicine and martial arts.

My mom never learned the easy tai chi for COPD, but I'm sure she would have loved it. I got the certification in order to train myself to stand up in spite of spinal and hip problems. If I had known how powerful these small movements would be, I would have started earlier.

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This 5-minute video is a breakdown of the first 7 postures. If you pay attention toward the end, you'll see that I almost stopped with movement 5. The movement felt so easy, that I continued moving.

Start slow

We can do easy tai chi for COPD for 5 minutes several times a day. Of course, it's important to inform your medical provider before beginning. Be mindful of your own energy and oxygen levels. Begin in a chair and work your way up!

No matter what, easy tai chi for COPD is good for everyone. I hope you have as much fun doing this class as I do.

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