Welcome to My Secret Garden

Last updated: August 2019

Welcome to my secret garden. Upon entering we gain a sense of freedom that dissolves our daily cares. Enter a new dimension, go back to your childhood absolve yourself of all adult stress. Here there is no chronic illness and everyone breaths freely.

You are invited. Follow me and continue on your journey through my secret garden.

Relax the body and mind

Enter here with the intention of relaxing your entire body; find a chair to sit on. Get into a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your thighs, palms up.

We have reached the gate. It is a rather tall gate, so tall in fact that is gives no clue as to what it is hiding. The lock that opens the gate is so high up; I must stretch to reach it. The lock moans as it moves and is put into service. Once released the gate still doesn’t open and waits for me to tug on it. Eventually it gives way and swings freely as it was always meant to.

Focus on the breath

Notice the weight of your head on your shoulders. Empty your mind of all thoughts good and bad. Focus on your breath as you move air in and out of your lungs. Awaken your senses with your focus on breathing. Give your breath all of you attention and breathe with the intention of relaxation.

Moving ahead, we approach the babbling brook. It allows passage to the other side by way of a covered wooden bridge. Traveling over the bridge, each step leaves a hollow echo. During a peek over the side, I see fish swimming beneath me all in rainbow colours.

Getting to the other side of the bridge means all of nature’s secrets will be revealed to me. I want to run but I know that is forbidden so I pace slowly and I begin to use pursed lip breathing.

Pursed lip breathing

Focusing only on my breathing, I empty all the air in my lungs until I can feel it down in my stomach.

  • I inhale through my nose, with my mouth closed, as if you are smelling the roses, for 4 seconds
  • Holding that breath in for the count of 6 seconds
  • I then exhale through pursed lips, for the count of 8, as if I am blowing out a candle and I make a whooshing sound
  • Repeat several times until you have settled your breath.

Leaning against the rail of the bridge, I bring my focus back to my breathing; emptying all the air from my lungs through pursed lips an, chiming out with the old and in with the new for clean fresh air.

Looking around, I see a Buddha sitting in the corner. He is fat and jolly like a summer Santa. Sitting with legs crossed and palms upward on his thighs, he has his eyes closed. There is no need for him to see because he knows all. I can feel the stresses of my day being stripped away. Everything that is good is in my secret garden.

Finding peace and mindfulness

Bring your mind back to your breath. The colors are blinding in vibrant white, yellow, purple, green, blue and red. The gardens in the distance are manipulated with wonderful curves and had no sharp edges. Each one contains both food and flowers.

Turning my head, I hear wind chimes in front and the babbling brook behind with all variety of singing birds. The peaceful sounds invite me to go further. I see a chipmunk munching a peanut. Birds dart in and out of the trees.

I am pacing slowly as I take another step and the fragrance of Lilac hits me. The scent is mixed with almond just budding and Gardena’s breath-taking scents. My garden is surrounded by cedars that have released their pungent odor with the morning dew.

The grass too is wet from the morning dew but the sun glows on my arms and my back, branding me in warmth. I see that the garden goes on for the foreseeable future.

Where will your visit to the garden take you?

What pictures will you burn in your memory of your trip to my secret garden?

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