Dale Tate

I am an 88 year old male – used to smoke two to three packs of cigarettes per day – took me ten or so years to quit and very hard. Finally went 1 day without, then two days without, then three days without, then four days without, then five days without, then six days without and never used them again some fifteen or so years back – worked for me.
I didn’t know I had COPD while I had a treadmill and could cough up mucus. Then was with my ill wife in a rest home with little activity and was diagnosed.

My wife became a spirit September 5th, 2015 and have spent a year in Minnesota with a daughter and am now near a son in Oro Valley, AZ. and would like to make friends in this location. I am deaf, unable to use telephone but have iPhone and can read text messages and e-mail.

[Editor’s Note: email address removed for author’s safety.]

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