I won’t be invisible

I was diagnosed with COPD in 2006 and back then it was easy to see why no one thought of me as ever being sick. I hardly thought so myself at times. I was always very active, doing everything for everyone so when I got hit with the reality of what I had to face, well we all know how that goes.

I still try to stay as active as I can, taking advantage of my good days and wishing I hadn’t overdone it on the bad ones. Maybe that is why my family does not think of me as having an illness that is serious. There have been moments that I’ve felt sorry for myself and thought they just didn’t care but I know that’s not true.

The only time I really got mad about this invisible thing is one day when I came out of the grocery store and found a man that I did not know standing by my car. He yelled, screamed and cursed at me causing quite a scene because I was parked in a handicapped parking spot and I DID NOT LOOK like I needed to be. I yelled right back. Then I had to sit down in my car and grab my rescue inhaler.


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