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Bored stiff and it's cold outside?

Activies for the Winter time

The challenge is for things to do indoors during the winter. so:
start painting - my 93 year old cousin spends hours in front of the window painting with watercolours. Another cousin, 80 years old is having lessons.

Did you pretend to learn a language at school; some time ago I audited an M.I.T. undergraduate class to improve my Spanish. I have done the same with a different uni for another language.

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There is a site on the internet which can get you in touch with quality lessons in just about any subject you can dream up - usually for free. I did one on diet from an Australian Uni.

In person art classes

If you are in the UK and over 50 there is the U3A (University for the Third Age) in your community with many different fields. No experience required and good company.

At school we had a teacher who was worse than useless; dump a sheet of paper and some colours in front of your and "Paint" - it went straight in the bin afterwards, unexamined.
So what I did was take a piece of white paper and a pencil; assuming you are right handed, just draw your left hand. Hard? yes - after twenty tries you are getting somewhere and using your eyes far better. Try an eye, a nose a .......

As you go to sleep daydream and next day do it!

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