Windpipe Seemed to Close Whilst I Was Eating My Meal

A few weeks ago we decided it was about time we had a Family Sunday Dinner. So I got up early had all my meds and my morning cup of coffee.

Then I started preparing the Dinner. Being an ex Army Chef the wife leaves meals like this up to me. I opened windows and door to well ventilate the kitchen. Got the meal on the go. We were having a 3 course dinner. Family arrived at 12 as we were sitting down for dinner at 1pm.

Starter was done and dinner was cooked so we all sat and ate our prawn avocado in Marie Rose Sauce.

After this I served up the main course and I was looking forward to having it as it was sliced duck breast and ham in au jus lie sauce with all the trimmings.

Started eating and after my 3rd or 4th mouthful I started to have severe difficulties with swallowing and I was gasping for breath… This was the first time this had happened to me and it was a very scary feeling. Has any one else had this happen to them and has anybody got any ideas how to avoid this happening again?


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