Where to go from here.


I posted a story about 2 years ago about my boyfriend and his breathing issues. It has not gotten better. He has seen pulmonologists, has had x-rays, one ct scan, countless spirometry tests, blood tests, recently a stress test. Lungs were fine however, a slight decline was noticed for the heart. Was sent to a cardiologist, who said everything was fine. It was mentioned it could be it is because he is deconditioned. He has taken inhalers and has been using hypertonic saline. The inhaler doesn't work anymore, and the saline works for a short time.

Struggling to find a solution

He has been feeling a sort of pain and feels like he's breathing through a straw. He has trouble sleeping. He has taken anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication to which he says doesn't help.

The pulmonologist we have seen says his lungs are healthy and they've done every test short of a bronchoscopy. My boyfriend thinks it's too early to tell if he has copd because he's read online it can take people years to get a diagnosis. The pulmonologist told him to be seen by a endocrinologist, maybe it's hormone related, even thought my boyfriend thinks it's not possible.

What do we do?

Where should we go from here? Has this happen to anyone? He says he can feel mucus in his lungs and a moving sensation however he has not coughed but any mucus, except for 2 instances, that happened about a year ago. Can any one give any advice? I'm not sure what to do to help him.

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