Wearing a cannula.


I live in the U.K. I was diagnosed with emphysema 6 years ago. I am now on home oxygen. My biggest problem was the cannula. My nose would often bleed during the day and became so sore! My ears were constantly sore too. If I or anyone else in the house caught there foot in the tubing trailing on the floor, it would yank at my ears. And yes, if I'm honest, I really hate the way they look. (still vain at 68.)

Then my husband began trawling the net looking for a better cannula. He came across a U.S. company called Oxy-Tech. They have developed a cannula called the Oxy-Breather. It has changed everything. I'll be honest, you can't wear it during the night, you'll realize why when you see it. But... if you have to wear oxygen for long hours during the day, it's a dream!

I won't try and explain how it works. Just type into google, Oxy-Breather and see it for yourself.

I hope this helps anyone having problems with daytime oxygen.

Jean Jones.

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