I have written about this before, but now l have a problem with it. I started using my walker with the big oxygen in my basket, in my apartment to get around, and having no tubing to trip over and get tangled up in. It's so far great for me. The problem is, l questioned my oxygen provider I felt the 7ft tubing was getting to me quicker than the 25ft tubing from the plug in concentrator, the oxygen l mean. Because l am using about between 10 to 15 big oxygen per week. It gets me moving more and getting more chores done because I am not tripping over tubing. Now I use the plug-in one, sitting and sleeping. The problem for my provider of oxygen is, the government. Oxygen is classified as a drug, they have rules, you are only supposed to use the big oxygen when you go out not use them at home. Well I found a solution that works for me so I do use them at home. I am going to see Terry Armstrong the MPP to see what l can do? Probably nothing, but I am going to try! Wish me luck. Thank you.

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