Wondering if this trick will help others - ask your doctor first

I had wheezing in my throat for three years, just a terrible sound in my lungs too, so I did some off handed unsubscribed research on a product called manuka honey pharmaceutical grade. I got it from Amazon and tried it twice a day 1 teaspoon on the tongue before bed and one in the afternoon. I didn't let it dissolve quickly just let it set as I slept and after about two months the wheezing in my throat quieted and the shrills in my lungs diminished mostly. I did this in conjunction with Advair Spiriva albuterol nebulizer and light exercise... I did this without consulting my doctor I did this from desperation to try and find more of a useful treatment but it is just an experiment of mine so call a doctor see the recommendations and if it's ok before you try it. Just wanted to put this out there in hopes it helps a doctor know what to tell his patients about this special honey.

Cigarettes and the difficulty of quitting smoking

I'm also a smoker. I have a real problem with myself that I can't quit, it's insane the chemicals they put in tobacco to increase its addiction and poison people. It's highly toxic according to my research lately. I hate myself for smoking but feel like it's a waste of time to quit because the damage is done. I have the respiration of an 80 year old and do nothing in my life meaningful anymore. I'm only 37 years old. Not only my lungs are bad but my muscles are sore all the time. I'm saying this to tell people don't let it do this to your friends and family, step up and save someone from self denial of a possible good life. I went to school and graduated to become a sick person and I did it all in vain. Now if I don't quit and miraculously heal I will likely be in a nursing home, and the sad thing is I am the one to blame for my ignorance. No dreaming of better times and the life I want. Cigarettes made me pathetic for the pocketbook of the tobacco companies, I literally feel cursed!

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