Surprise for me.

I had a severe SOB issue at a client's house in 2017. I came home and my lung collapsed less than a minute before the paramedics walked in.

Scary experience

Lung re-inflated, and out of the hospital at lunchtime the next day, and I kept smoking. 2 months exactly to the day, the same thing happened. Same treatment and discharge time but was given a CT scan and LFT after re-inflation and it was 28%. The experience wasn't painful, just scary not being able to breathe or talk. Somehow I have never been significantly sob since, and never at rest. I just kept improving every time I got tested. I am now still only 53% on my last test, but it has no real impact on my quality of life other that I couldn't run a marathon. I am of the opinion my performance is such because the lung damage is all at the apexes, and the lungs are larger at the bases.

Doing well

All my new pulmonologist would say is that I must still have enough viable tissue to perform. I have no other ailments with a good BMI and I've always slept well and am not on an inhaler, though I do think that maybe I have a guardian angel or two hanging around.

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