Still learning..

Last updated: February 2022

When I was diagnosed with it in 2009, doctor's had a way of making me think the end was near.. 50's too old to heal. Didn't "heal" but sure have proved them wrong.. Still here and still loving life..

Still learning

LOVE seeing them again all these years bouncing in the office asking if they have something new...Still learning, and using what I have learned... Thank God!
Anxiety is my enemy, if I start with a session I sit and slow down.. I didn't realize this until I finally tried an anxiety medication. The pill didn't do it, stopping the fear and anger I had sure did. .Now I don't take the pill often, just stop myself and remember to calm myself down....My daughter was so thrilled with the new me, she loves going shopping with me now that I don't panic and freak out..

Keep pushing on

Please don't let it win,,, I had to stop saying I can't and keep pushing on...I am annoyed with myself when I don't push on, shouldn't have this problem, but still do....

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