Diagnosis Of COPD Stage 3: 2017 NOVEMBER 16th

Last updated: February 2021

My COPD stage 3 diagnosis story

This began THANKSGIVING 2015, November 25th, @ Around 2 — 4 AM, EST, with a bout of BRONCHITIS from a Cold.

Experiencing difficulty breathing

I began having TROUBLE BREATHING and couldn’t CATCH My BREATH. It felt like an ASTHMA ATTACK I never had before and I was a HEAVY SMOKER since 2000.

Diagnosis came shortly after

When this happened the Nurses @ BayViewHealthCare In St AUGUSTINE, FL, called the EMERGENCY DOCTOR on CALL, He had Me on OXYGEN & NEBULISER … … and on 2017 NOVEMBER 16th, diagnosed with COPD Stage 3.

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