Just beginning

Anxious, I have not been diagnosed but am pretty fearful that I may soon be.

My mother had COPD with emphysema and passed in 2018 after a short and terrible fight with lung/throat cancer. She was a life long smoker and refused to give them up even after her COPD diagnosis. I am also a 30 year plus off and on smoker. I had quit a few times and only started again 10 months ago.

Coughing and difficulty breathing

It was not my finest hour in decision making. However recent months have been very difficult medically. I have a few conditions. But breathing and coughing had never been one until a few weeks ago. I thought it was a cold or another sinus infection at first. But I have never coughed like this and had so much mucus and shortness of breath. A couple doctor appointments later and I'm being tested for COPD.

Quitting smoking and awaiting answers

I immediately said I'm done smoking. That was yesterday and I have not touched a cigarette since. I had x-ray today. Breathing test in a few days. I'm scared and even if it turns out I do not have it. I'm not taking the chance on smoking anymore.

Hoping and preparing

I shall hope for the best and prepare for fight in the mean time. My children need me to do everything I can to live a long somewhat healthy life. I fully intend to meet that need. Very grateful this group is here. I'm 46 and have children ranging from ages 9 to 27. Also a wife and on disability for other illness.

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