I developed COPD a full 15 years after quitting smoking. I was somehow ignorant that I could escape that risk after having quit for so long. I also have multiple autoimmune disorders, and discovered one of the medications can possibly be a causative factor in COPD.

I was diagnosed at stage 1

Last I was checked about 3 years ago, I was diagnosed at Stage 1 via CT scan and pulmonary testing. Last February I had what I thought was a mild case of the flu (maybe it was COVID?). It affected my lungs so badly I am still struggling, so I'm probably Stage 2 at least now.

Doing okay, but still managing flares and triggers

Several inhalers later, and checking my PulseOx regularly, I seem to be doing okay, but still have flare ups, can't handle dust, any kind of smoke (fires, cooking, etc), air that is too cold/too hot, and this was never an issue before the illness last year. I also haven't been able to regain my lung functioning through conditioning and find it very tough to exercise. I also have a chronic dry cough and probably have Sjogren's Syndrome which can affect the lungs. Ugh. This disease is depressing!

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