There is a reason we need to remind ourselves to be healthy, and it's called our understanding of mortality.


When we're 18 we should be careful what we eat and drink, but we don't because we intend to live forever.
When we are 38, we are again reminded but we're also the smartest people in town because when you're 38, you just -- are -- the smartest. Being smart, we already have begun to truly grasp the greatness that we have become and are convinced that our lifestyles make it unnecessary to remind ourselves about our greatness.
At 48, we start to creak a little and realize that within a few years, we will need to keep notes about what we need to do to keep us from, you know ... being old.
When we're 58, we need to remind ourselves that we could be running out of time if we don't act fast.

When does this change?

Humans have spent 10,000 years perfecting the best ways to remind ourselves that we're indispensable and will just come up with something later on.
We don't need reminders more now than before. We just need to remember that we needed reminders back in the day when we thought we knew everything.
Nobody really needs advice about this. COPD has made all the rules; I simply adapt. Meanwhile, my neighbor gets a reminder from me once every 6 months that he planned to quit smoking 5 years ago.

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