Cold Turkey

Last updated: December 2020

After numerous failed attempts to quit smoking I made the choice of quitting Cold Turkey w/ several provisos. Do it FOR someone special in your life. Do it after first recognizing the ‘false’ symbiosis between cigarettes AND whatever it is you’re also doing at that moment you reach for a smoke.

Recognizing the role cigarettes played in my life

In my case it was recognizing that no cigarette was ever attached to a cocktail or beer, a finished dinner or dessert plate, my car’d steering wheel, TV remote, alarm clock, work break, & so many others connected to my behaviors/habits daily. While the ‘experts’ tell us to make changes to those habits I decided why should I suffer doing away with all of the above which I ENJOY when it was the imaginary cigarette I somehow thought necessary to go hand in hand.

I quit smoking cold turkey

I accepted my challenge & quit on the spot—never looking back, never having withdrawal symptoms, & never even coming close to cheating in the 28+ years since that day.

Funny aside: Twice since that day I have a nightmare that showed me smoking again. Woke shaking & with chills ... then a knowing smile.

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