Former Smoker

Last updated: September 2020

I smoked 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day on average for 40+ years! I am now starting my 5th year smoke free! Best thing I did was to take Chantix! And I don't miss cigarettes at all and it doesn't seem to bother me to be around people that do smoke!

Despite quitting, each day is still a struggle

I still get the cravings, but it passes as quickly as it comes! That being said, I have to say every day is a struggle for me! Biggest thing that affects me is weather - wind and cold will literally take my breath away and humidity greater than 70% is tough to deal with as well! And of course there is the weight gain you have to deal with,! I went from 166 lbs to 210 lbs!

Nothing will slow me down

But I'm still working as a self employed long haul trucker! And I don't plan on letting this slow me down! As far as medication, I have 2 inhalers that I use every day! I'm doctoring with 2 drs, one is my primary care provider and the other is my lung doctor that I see yearly for now!

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