Pulmonary Rehab: The Best Therapy for Me

I was diagnosed with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD two years ago. I was started on inhalers and saw some improvement, but could not exercise because of severe breathing problems. I am on oxygen at night and with strenuous activity. My Dr. recommended pulmonary rehab.

Before rehab I could only walk for 10 minutes without becoming so tired I had to stop, and my activity level was very low. I already knew about lung functions, proper use of inhalers, diet and exercise and progression of the disease because I am a retired R.N.

After the 18 visits to rehab, I am now in maintenance rehab. At each visit I now walk 30 mins. on the treadmill, 30 mins. on a crosstrainer and 20 mins. for arm resistance training. I also lost 9 pounds in 8 weeks as I was slightly overweight. At home I do stretching exercises, walk 30 min. and lift weights daily, along with my breathing exercises. I feel that going through pulmonary rehab and continuing exercise, and using my inhalers will prolong my life quite significantly. I would recommend it to anyone who has it available to them. By the way I am almost 72 years old, so being older didn't stop me.

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