A form of COPD

Last updated: September 2020

Sorry about former post, hit the wrong button. Pulmonary fibrosis is what I have. My Doctor says that I have lost 50% of my oxygen intake. I currently am taking Entreposage and Trelegy Ellipta. Will be going to two specialist in the near future. Also I will be going to a group therapy to learn how to breath and exercise.

A sudden flare-up

It all kind of got serious, when I was at my computer and I suddenly got the shivers. I went to bed right away and covered up. It continually got worst. At 81 yrs young I'm pretty stubborn, saying that it would go away. It didn't. Two days later I ended up at emergency.

After a multitude of test, (including COVID), they said I had a flare-up and an infection. Antibiotics, Entreposage later and results of the COVID test (which proved to be negative) I am now king of sitting around wondering what to do.

I played and taught pickleball for the last 6 yrs and love it. With your suggestions on how to do do the exercises you have given me hope.

Thank you.


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