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Hi everyone. Around a year ago my breathing at work was starting to show. I thought it was me smoking too much. I did cut down but still it got worse. My CT scan at hospital showed I had severe pulmonary hypertension. I had left it some time be seeking help which I regret so much. Since March this year, I seem to have gone down hill.

I'm now on oxygen for most of my time. I can't walk any real distance or even complete small tasks. I do light exercise but even that is a mission now. It's taken some time to realise just how bad this illness really is. My whole life has changed in what seems a short time.

I was put forward for a lrvs op but yesterday got a phone call from the hospital consultant saying that my lungs were a lot further down the line and there maybe something else they could try (subject to another CT scan and some tests.) I get very depressed at times and can't believe just how much COPD affects people's lives. I'm still learning so much. So many people just don't realise just how much of an impact it has on our lives.

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