Anyone who takes prednisone more than rarely should be aware of what it's doing and why it's doing that. Any pulmo doc will keep you up to speed.
I get a shot in the arm about once a year when I have a flare-up and usually some tablets to feather out the relief over a few days time.

The trick

The trick is to learn to manage flareups before they get out of hand. Pay some attention to how you feel and address potential controls before you get sick.
If there is a COPD clinic at your hospital, learn to use that facility and take away some information every time you do. I don't get prednisone every time I have an exacerbation.

Staying healthy

Staying healthy is difficult. The standard stuff applies here. Learn to breathe better, stay out of the dust, drink plenty of fluids, exercise to build better resistance to fatigue and if you are starting to feel a little rough in the chest, talk to your COPD clinic people. Should you go in for a checkup? I'd say, well you can do that or you can spend a week in the hospital.

Trusting the process

Prednisone is useful and at times necessary. If you are hearing that it's evil, you are listening to people who aren't listening to smart people.
So much of what I've learned in the past 15 years is connected to just paying attention, getting good information and trusting the process. I think wearing masks has mattered a lot to millions of us. No point changing that even if this pandemic ends.
Stay away from sick people.

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