My Life Since 2017

Last updated: February 2021

When to get in shower one morning and bam... could not breathe. Admitted to hospital with CHF hypoxia and COPD. That was two years ago Dec. this year.

Pain all over

I am not on inhalers or oxygen. I have done... I think fairly well until recently. My pain is all over my body at times. I have gained way too much weight in the last year and that does not help. I have not smoked or even come close since that day of hospital admission.

Fatigue and low blood pressure

I am fighting fatigue last few months... none of the doctors claim they know why. As I said have learned more about this disease from reading on here than from any other place.

My real issue at the moment is now my blood pressure is way too low and I think this is part of my fatigue. Just the opposite from two years ago.

This is a nutshell of my story and dealings with this. I hope to learn even more on here.

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