Oxygen suppliers & Medicare

Last updated: July 2021

These are my biggest stressors. I get so stressed just preparing to call to order more oxygen tanks because there is always some problem with Medicare. They always need more information for some reason.

Healthcare team advocacy and support

I have two pulmonologists, my regular one and one at a local lung center. Both have sent all kinds of information that Medicare has required to my oxygen suppliers - numerous times because they are always saying they didn't receive it. It has been going on for 4 months. I have even been at my pulmonologists when they have faxed over the information they say they need and they still say they never received it. They call on the phone, they send me emails, they send me letters in the mail threatening to take away my oxygen supplies if they don't hear from my doctors. My doctors keep sending them the information and they still keep saying they're not receiving it.

Stress of dealing with Medicare

I have even called Medicare and they were no help. They couldn't seem to understand the problem. They called the supplier (while I was on the phone with them) and told them to not send threatening letters and to not take away my oxygen supplies. I don't believe the supplier even believed it was Medicare calling them. I'm at my wit's end and yes, very stressed out.

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