On being Happy

I was diagnosed with End Stage COPD in 2014. I discovered this by calling my former pulmonologist in NJ after I'd relocated to NC. I wanted to check with the receptionist to see if she could tell me, but the doc picked up the phone and said "Rick? I thought you'd be dead by now!"

Enjoying the small stuff

Small joys and victories like that keep me alive. I'm currently on 12 liters, 24/7, and my long-suffering wife takes great care of me. Hospice is a blessing; I have a place to go when she needs a break. I call it my "Running Out Of Time Share, at Club Ded". Some ppl get it! It's a vacation for both of us.
Sure, getting dead is scary, but so was my first overseas trip. I'm not afraid anymore. Everything dies, after all - trees, birds, worms, rocks - it's part of life.
God Bless us all!

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