Older and a little wiser

My name is Wayne. I'm no different than other people trying to have some kind of life as I've been living COPD for about 5 years now I'm on oxygen 24hrs a day. I smoked for many years and was in the janitorial business which I was exposed to many chemicals used in cleaning. Never the less I'm still living and I gave up smoking 3 yrs ago

Lung transplant screening

I have just started on the testing necessary so that I can get a double lung transplant I've had some trouble adjusting to the idea that this is going to happen it used to be just something I said but it became real when I saw it in black and white prescreening for double lung transplant. After that everything became real for me and the emotions that followed were quite intense. It has leveled out somewhat I think the acceptance of the surgery has allowed me to feel better.

About me

I should mention that I'm a 70 yr old male. I've found that since i found this site I got a lot of useful ideas such as using a shower chair and not worrying about drying off jut put on a housecoat. This is the first time for writing anything so excuse if my writing doesn't make sense. I can say that reading the different stories gives me some understanding of my disease that there are a lot of common things that we all seem to go through. All write more as I get further along in my transplant mission. Bye for now hope your all having a good day! Because yes we still can have good days!!

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