No Purpose = Anxiety

My anxiety is off the charts in the morning before I get up. Racing thoughts about stuff that hasn’t happened or that I have to do today.

Struggling with anxiety

I used to have a sense of purpose where I was responsible to someone or for something. Emphysema took that away. I lost my dog a year ago and with him went my purpose - to love and care for him. I am no longer capable of care for a dog and it breaks my heart. So now my grief and broken heart cause anxiety. I get lonely, especially when family is around - I’m that old guy in the background who people feel obligated to say “hello” to. I was a hockey player, a skier, a heavy equipment operator, an addiction counselor and a musician. What I still have now I must try to stay grateful for - Someone who cares, my music, my TV, and my computer. I was a MH therapist for 25 years! I need to counsel me and take my advice!😂

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