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Pulmo test new Doc update

Morning folks: well, I made it in to see my new pulmo Dr /team, and all I can say is WOW!
I had no idea of what I missed out on with my old Doc [one who moved to New Zealand n left me searching for over a year for a new one]

My new doctor is awesome

This guy an his team are awesome. He and his associate answered all my ?,s plus took time to go thru all my tests, asked lots of ?,s and offered future advice help/exercise program which they will assist in getting set up.
My lung capacity is at 42%, so tipping into severe my oxygen level is 90-92 resting, so good there. My level of lungs have not gotten worse from the last test prior so I am maintaining, which is good.

I will have to have a CT scan as they did find a mass on one lung, am not worried as they did this years ago as well, and it turned out to be nothing. My wife worries but it is her nature to worry, it does not solve anything, so I don't}

Odd events

Now for my odd events??? sonic waves etc. The doc did say he suspected what it was, yet would rather have me see my GP as there are other Doc's who specialize in what he thinks is happening to me.
It sounds to me like maybe heart related or such, will follow up with my family Doc, a great guy from Africa, have a requisition for blood work being given 2 a day and will pick up n make an appointment for it then see GP again.

Thank you

All in all, I am so pleased with the new pulmo doc and the team as they are so warm n helpful n encourage trust... They were impressed w/my knowledge base etc., and I owe much of that to all of you folks here on our site for all your informative incites, stories, and help to THANK YOU TO EACH ONE.
I will post the move as it unfolds but for now, am very pleased .... the longest post for me so far. Again thanks, folks, for being here.


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