Never Give Up


I feel somewhat fortunate and blessed, I am not dying of cancer, in need of a kidney or liver some other sort of illness.
The struggle is real. I feel my body slowly dying and there's nothing I can do about it. But I can do things to slow down the progression by keeping my mental health and exercising daily.
If C.O.P.D. is my journey , then I shall 'go' with a positive attitude. I am not going to sit around and be miserable, mad or depressed.
I am Stage 4 severe with emphysema, no spleen, heart condition and a diabetic. I have had respiratory failure five years ago. Spent 4 days on the ventilator.

We're all warriors

My faith and my family, along with the C.O.P.D. groups have been a blessing to me.
I have learned so much from your stories and I share what I can with my fellow Warriors.
Your articles are most informative
Thank you for being here for all of us.

I thank God each and every day I am still alive!
I consider all of us WARRIORS.
We are all in this together.
Never give up !

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