Navigational Bronchoscopy

Last updated: March 2022

Had my navigational bronchoscopy under general anesthesia yesterday. Procedure took 20 minutes but in total but with pre and post took 4.

It went well

Dr said it went well and he feels I should be fine. He did an x-ray immediately after and found no pneumothorax which is great!!.. I follow up with him next week. I was VERY shaky and weak from the anesthesia , my whole body was shaking but I am only a very small person and slept for a solid 2 hours when I came home. I hope to eat a little bit today. O2 at rest is 93 but drops to about 87 when I get up. But recovers again when sitting. I am giving all of this some time. Not sure if I will return to work tomorrow or not but we will see. They have us working from home so we'll see.

One day at a time

I'm taking one day at a time and couldn't be happier that THIS PART is over. Now we wait for the biopsy results. Take care all and have a great day. Keep your chin up and be thankful for another day!!!

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