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Last updated: February 2022

I was first diagnosed 12 years ago, and did not make a lot of changes immediately. I had given up smoking which I had done for about 32 years, and about a year later I was diagnosed with COPD, firmly believing I had "smoker's cough"

My treatment plan

I was on an oxygen concentrator for about 2 yrs using 2oz of oxygen over 16hrs. Recently a new doctor removed this and I am feeling much tighter in my chest. It has only been about 4weeks so we shall see where that goes. At that time I was taking my Ventolin by nebulizer, this was also changed at that time to the spacer with an inhaler at present I take Ventolin by spacer 4hrly for 6puffs daily and 2 puffs of Trimbow by spacer twice a day. I was taking trelegy once a day and believe I felt much better on that but maybe I am just getting worse naturally?
We shall see.

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