My lovely mum

Last updated: February 2022

Just wanted to share my experience about COPD with other people, mum got diagnosed around 20 years ago but didn't stop smoking right away, she only stopped 4 years ago.

She was fine

She was absolutely fine up until 3 years ago when she started getting more breathless when she was walking about. Then she got too much carbon dioxide in her blood and this didn't seem to go away. She ended up on oxygen at home for nearly a year and a half and was fine up until a few months ago.

She was my best friend

She started struggling more and more. She was so scared of the hospital and also of dying too. Mum passed away on the 6th of February so peaceful in her own bed at home she was only 71, she was my best friend and my world is so empty without her, but in my heart ❤ I know she's at peace now. xxMy beautiful mum xxx

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