My Life With COPD

I am Deborah. Thank you for having me in your group.
In December 2017, I went to sleep early because I was feeling
a bit punkish, and I woke up a week later in ICU with absolutely
no idea how I got there or why. I had a bad case of the flu. I was also diagnosed with severe COPD. I was terrified.

It's been a very hard road

Home recovering with a little oxygen to help me heal. This
has been a very hard road so far, as I am dealing with a multitude
of different conditions at once.
I have been hospitalized every year, and it's always that nasty COPD
that gets me.


When Covid hit, my husband and I were scared, because of the
risks. We quarantined ourselves for a year. He did the shopping.
He did the wiping down of everything. I stood back and coughed, and watched, and coughed, and coughed. The fear of contracting
Covid, with my COPD, would be a death sentence for sure. My lungs were functioning at 48%. I could feel it. I could see it on the X-rays.


Since this journey of mine has started, I feel a little more secure.
I am grateful that there are people like you all. I read your stories
and I know I am not alone. Thank you.

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