My COPD Journey

Last updated: June 2023

I was diagnosed with COPD, stage 3, about 5 years ago. I love because it helps me know I'm not alone on this hard journey.

Treatment reactions

My body tends to react to treatments in odd ways, for example I'm very prone to thrush fungal infections, even though I gargle, swish, etc after every time I use my inhalers. Even worse, I don't get white spots in my mouth; mine stay in my esophagus and are hard to spot. I have to wait until I get symptoms of trouble swallowing, tongue numbness, pain in my mouth and even then I have had trouble getting the Dr. to believe me. Very frustrating, and I LOVE it when I get a Dr. to see it and believe me. But I do try to get out and walk when I can, keep active. I find I feel so much better, even if it's not very far or fast.

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