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My COPD journey so far

I was recently diagnosed with COPD; the bloating was horrible, and the gas even worst.

Trying to control inflammation

I immediately went on a detox with an alkaline diet and coach, saw a TCM doctor and, got on herbs to fight inflammation, and changed my diet completely. No meat, no bread or pasta, very little wheat, NO SUGAR, and no coffee. I reverted to my Lebanese kitchen and lived on Tabouleh and hummus and cherries. My tongue was swollen, my right ankle very swollen, my belly fully extended, maybe 10kilo of water weight and I couldn't make it to the corner without stopping to breathe. I reversed all of it in 2 months of discipline and staying away from inflammatory foods.

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Adding in some exercise

I found that riding my bike was easier than walking and if I rode for 45 min I felt better for the rest of the day, so now I do that as well unless it's raining hard. In 3 weeks, I will see a pulmonologist, and Thursday, a breathing fysiotherapie session... I don't know what stage I am, the tests say moderate ,my doctor says mild. I'll post more when I know.

My tips

Good luck to everyone here, and the alkaline diet really helped, so just passing that my TCM tea.
Find out whatever works for you to calm down the inflammation; it's so important!

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