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Mother with COPD, CHF and other conditions

My mother is 82 and was diagnosed approximately 6 years ago with COPD. She is also diabetic, type 2. She has a history of CHF.

Getting worse

For the most part she got along really well up until she was admitted to the hospital May 11 and was diagnosed with CHF again. She was in Afib the entire time and had a low oxygen level. She had fluid in her lungs. She was released 4 days later once her oxygen was good enough to be released. Since then she has progressively gone downhill. She used oxygen with her Cpap while sleeping before her hospital visit but now she has to wear it 24/7. If she goes off of it her levels drop down in the low 80's with little movement and she can barely make it. She's SOB and worn out. She is very unstable and I worry she's going to fall.

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She is stubborn

I don't know what stage of COPD she is in but I feel stage 4. She has appointment with her pulmonologist on the 21st and I'm talking to the doctor to see if he can tell me what stage she is in. My mother is a stubborn woman and doesn't always tell us what the doctors say so I'm getting it first hand.

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